Baby You're Worth It Tees

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Inspire others when you step out in style wearing our super soft, breathable 2nd Milk Tees!  Made to raise awareness for orphaned babies and provide orphan care directly to the malnourished babies in our program you can feel comfy and confident as you take on the day.  Make a statement for SAVING LIVES every time you choose to wear one of our modern shirts that are versatile enough to go with almost anything!  Be the change.

• 2nd Milk Tees are for non-profit.

• All proceeds go directly to preventing malnourishment and hunger for babies.     

• Made of super soft, breathable fabric that feels like second skin!

• Dark Grey.  V-neck line straight and easy fit.  Sits at the hip.

• Take a stand against hunger and raise awareness for giving life to orphaned      babies by buying one of our shirts!

• Find your perfect style in all our designs!  Trendy, modern and classic.  We've got you covered.